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The World of Phantasaire by AllegroAlley The World of Phantasaire by AllegroAlley
The Map of Phantasaire


For the Territorial Map, you may find it here: [link]


Mountains :

Furia's Head Quarters :

There stands a rather large statue of Ho Oh, a grand one at that, to symbolize the power he has among all the rest. However, from that statue and down the rugged pathway there is a passage that leads to the underground, which is where most of the fiends plans are concocted.

The Torture / Battle Colosseum :

There are those who are less fortunate that are placed here, and are watched by Ho Oh's men. The ones who fight for Lugia's cause after being captured are made to fight to the death. They are driven to the edge, and put against one another. The final left standing has one of two choices. To join Ho Oh's side, or jump off the edge of the mountain's cliffs to face their fate below...

Crimson Pathway :

Down the mountains and heading towards the forest, located between the large rocky stalagmites there is a barrier. This is to ensure that no intruder from Calmare can break in so easily. However, this does not mean that the barrier is completely invincible. There are certain ways around it.. however, for now they remain unknown.

Venom Cave :

To the south east there lies a cave that has itself covered in web. All kinds of bugs, mostly spiders and large types, can be found within these chasms. Filled with paralysis and poisons, this is an ideal place to go to for Alchemists and Healers a like. But be warned, most who have entered have never returned.

Eroded Pit of Flames :

Before Phantasaire had become a battle field, before the time of many present, a group of Heatmor, Magmar, Drilbur, and Sandslash banded together to try and create themselves a hope filled vision of a glorious Colosseum, where they had envisioned to have every year a tournament arise. This idea however died, when the first rising of the shadows spread, causing the rocks to erode away, and the area itself to cave in. After several years have passed, and the erosion has taken away so much of the inside, it has become a chasm of exploration and hopeful findings of treasures possibly left behind by the founders who began its very creation.

Forest :

The Hollowed Branches :

The Hollowed Branches are where those who support Calmare. They live both among the trees as well as have created their own devices within them to transport themselves all over. This is a great place for Scouts and Hunters to reside.

Ivy Ruins :

Located much deeper within the forest to the south west there lies ruins covered by the forest itself. Old legends can be found within the depths of this area, secrets of time past could even be unlocked. Many have tried, though most have not come back or even lived to reveal the secrets uncovered. It is said that perhaps the legends of Celebi's time travels, as well as Dialga's own dimensions of time can be uncovered here, but that still remains to be a mystery.

Swamp Lands :

Sacred Lake :

It is said that this lake was purified and blessed by Suicune and Articuno, along with Shaymin's healing touch, producing many types of blossoms and buds. It was used for ceremonial purposes along with rituals made by King Palkia and Lady Jirachi. Now, it stands as a neutral area for those of Calmare and Furia. Along the lake all around are multiple lodges for those who wish to visit this divine place. Both gods have agreed that no war should be shed, or else dire consequences shall be faced from both ends.

Sapphire Cavern :

Along the coastline of the swamp lands, a cave completed covered in crystal stalagmites can be found. Inside all kinds of gems can be acquired and used for alchemy ingredient purposes, not to mention they themselves are very fashionable for a craftsmen to create. Rumors have it that this was the resting place of Suicune herself, and that within the hidden chambers of the cavern there lies crystal remains of her crest that have been said to be worth millions amongst Rogues and thieves.

The Desert :

The Oasis :

Conveniently located to the west, the Oasis is where trade can occur between those who need it. It is surrounded by small dome and straw like houses that house those who support Furia in his cause. This is also a good spot for where those who are of the Rogue class to gather, and take missions alongside orders to fill out.

The Remains of Unknown :

There are rumors that have been said that a large Temple has been spotted throughout the desert lands, alongside the grassy plains that can be accessed after crossing the bridge over the canyon's ravine. It remains to be accessed completely, due to its mirage like teleporting from the desert on. Legend states however that the temple would appear to those who willed it deeply, and after completing and succeeding a test within the desert itself only then would the secrets of this place be revealed. Once inside this large monument however, it has been said that the key to unknown's cryptic language will be unlocked, as well as the unknown's own dimension itself.

The Canyon's Ravine :

The Ravine within the Canyon is a beautiful central area of the entire world of Phantasaire. Though the land itself has been divided and conquered, it is still, like the Sacred Lake, a peaceful place to go to. Those that live within the Desert along with the Plains, can have access to the gorge by using several tunnels that provide exit ways into the gorge itself.

Dark Tropics :

Before arriving within Calmare's home, from the Canyon to the small portion of Plains there are the Tropics to cross. However, unlike most tropical areas, within the center it is said that sometimes travellers become lost there forever. This is due to the fact that, upon rumor, once upon a time a Zoroark began to mix with a fair maiden Lunatone. So hard did he try to catch her and make him his. When she disappeared forever and returned to the moon, he howled in agony before placing a curse upon the home that she lived in till then, as if to lock her within this place forever, even if she was now a part of the moon. In truth, this place has itself a barrier that Lugia placed to make it harder for those of Furia's army to intrude, leaving them to search forever within the Tropics while those of Calmare's army could easily pass through. However, during the night, it's said that even those of Calmare have found it hard to return, sometimes getting themselves lost, perhaps the lingering tricks of the fox who never saw their fair maiden again.

The Trade Port :

Where the waters basin is located, as well as being the most efficient place for fishing is located, it is the trading port for both Calmare and Furia. Calmare's port has a more traditional set to them. That being they are located within the plains area, and the houses more wood and tropic based. Those of Calmare have a much more efficient system, that being that their ports are large and the boats much more larger than Furia's. About once every week the trades occur, where those from Calmare enter Furia's harbor and vice versa. This is another only moment of time where both sides are not allowed to get into any fighting, otherwise dire consequences will be made.

Calmare's Head Quarters :

Following the harbor homes of Calmare's citizens, following a stone path toward the north there lies Calmare's head quarters. It is a large, monumental building that holds Lugia and her subordinates. Alongside the main building are two pillars that hold a place for all kinds of classes to train and prepare.

There is one building which contains materials for alchemists to use and experiment with, another for warriors of all kinds to train together and spar, and another room for tactics and discussions to take place aside from the main building itself.

Desolate Wasteland :

Off to itself, detached from Phantasaire, this lonely island has been said to be the definition of evil. It was once a part of Phantasaire, but separated after Ho Oh's Malicious Resurrection. It became a place of pure destruction, a waste land that contained nothing but decay and a once beautiful temple now destroyed to ruin. Only those both naive and brave would venture to this neutral, as well as banned territory.

Shattered Isles :

Alongside the forbidden waste land, the separated land itself turned into more smaller islands that branched out all around. Each island has its own intriguing attribute to it, otherwise, not much else is known about the shattered islands as of this point.

The Deep Abyss :

Located a bit near Calmare's Head Quarters there lies a dark abyss surrounded by powerful whirlpools placed by Lugia herself. It is said that located beneath was what appears to be another part of Lugia's main quarters, but due to a colossus battle between herself and Ho Oh, it had submerged after becoming separated from the land itself to protect information that is only accessible to Lugia herself and her most trusted subordinates and warriors.
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